Learn more about the event and how your organization can participate. Sign up your organization to color a mural and raise awareness, or come out and shop the Mall to support participating causes. 

Shop in Support of a Cause

  • Shoppers who show their receipt during the event can earn a point for a participating organization.

  • All organizations receive $1 for each point earned.

  • The organization with the most shopping points will win "Shoppers Choice" and a $250 donation.

Color a Mural

  • Participating organizations are each provided with a 6’ mural and coloring supplies.

  • Everyone has two hours to color their mural live during the event.

  • Judges will select the organization with the most creative and collaborative mural to win "Judges Choice" and a $250 donation.

Raise Awareness

  • Invitations are provided to participating organizations to distribute to staff and supporters.

  • Each organization is allowed time on stage to talk about what they do and their role in our community.

  • All participating organizations are included in event marketing materials and displayed on a set panel during the event.

  • All winners will be listed on the Color for a Cause website. 

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